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When trying to get fit and feel great, it can help to look to professionals for inspiration. While there are many big names in bodybuilding, few have the legendary status of Vince Gironda. The heyday of Vince Gironda was about 50 years ago, when his gym in North Hollywood created more bodybuilding champions than anywhere in America. He practiced the lost art of cosmetic bodybuilding, where form always took precedence over function. Gironda was known to have a “magic chisel” when it came to sculpting the human body. His secret? His unique “Gironda Exercises.”


Every fitness legend has their own philosophy on the best way to get ripped. While many bodybuilders believe that working out should have an application to sports or focus mainly on strength, Vince Gironda was all about sculpting the human physique. His resistance training programs didn’t worry about how much weight was lifted, but rather how good the bodybuilder looked.

Gironda would tweak conventional exercises in the slightest ways that would turn them into super exercises. He would shift the range of motion and the position of the body in a manner that greatly increased the difficulty of the exercise. For example, Vince Gironda was famous for popularizing dip exercises on V-shaped bars. By using dip bars that were on a 90-degree angle rather than parallel bars, Gironda created an exercise that was exponentially more difficult and produced better results.

The VDip & Wide Parallel Dip

To the untrained eye, dip exercises are all the same. Vince Gironda knew better. As previously mentioned, Gironda popularized the V-Shaped Dip, which provides a more intense workout than typical dips. He was also a fan of doing dips on parallel bars that were spaced widely apart. The V-shaped bars focus extra energy on the triceps, while the wide parallel bars focus more on the chest. The extra concentration on these muscles helped to provide the aesthetic sculpting Gironda was looking for.

45-Degree Pulley Row

In the bodybuilding scene, most people know about the seated cable row, a horizontal “rowing” movement. The Lat Pulldown, a vertical pulling movement is another exercise widely known among bodybuilders. Vince Gironda took these two exercises and fused them together to create the 45-Degree Pulley Row. This is where a bodybuilder does a rowing movement at a 45-degree angle, rather than horizontally. This way, the benefits of both exercises can be felt at the same time, kicking the workout into hyperdrive.

Chin-Ups to the Chest

The conventional way to do a chin-up is to pull your body upwards just until the chin is over the bar while keeping your body vertical. This wouldn’t suffice for Gironda, he needed to make things bigger and better. Gironda’s chin ups involved pulling your body all the way up and touching your chest to the bar while leaning back on an arch during the movement. This tweak created an exercise with a wider range of motion and completely contracted the lats. The exercise was not for beginners, with most bodybuilders having to work to achieve a successful chin-up. This is the most intense way to do chin-ups and was a staple of the Vince Gironda workout plan. Gironda always strove for next-level excellence and there is no better evidence for this than his chin-ups to the chest.

Work Out Like Vince Gironda

Want to exercise like a fitness legend? Look no further – the V Dip Power Station is the unit for you. Inspired by fitness legend Vince Gironda, the V Dip Power Station is an exercise unit that utilizes dip bars on a 90-degree angle. You can several dip workouts, use tension bands, and even turn the unit over to turn it into a workout bench. The mobile unit is easily assembled and disassembled so you can bring it anywhere. Contact us today if you are ready to sculpt your body like Gironda.


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