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When looking for at-home exercise equipment, it can be difficult figuring out where to start. Do you want a workout bench, a pull up bar, a place to do dips or possibly bands for resistance training? You could buy individual workout equipment for each of these exercises, spending thousands of dollars, or you could go for a unit that has it all. The VDip Power Station allows you to do all of these exercises and so much more. To start getting ripped, let’s do some VDips.


First, we’ll start with the main event – VDips. The VDip Power Station offers an extremely powerful dip workout. Inspired by the unique strategies of fitness legend Vince Gironda, the unit has dip bars that sit at a 90 degree angle. The V shape shifts the focus of your workout into your arms and chest, rather than typical parallel bars, which mainly work on the shoulders.

at home fitness unit

Once you do your first VDip, you’ll understand why this product is so special. The intensity of the VDip Powerstation is not to be understated. In a competition we held to promote the unit, we had muscular police officers and even men in the navy struggle to complete just a few dips. On the unit you can do both classic and backwards dips as shown below. Do you think you’re up for the challenge?

Pull Ups

The VDip Power Station’s 90 degree bars are designed for doing more than just dips. You can also do leg lift pull ups while hanging under the unit. The 90 degree bars make this a hardcore workout. These pull ups work from the core outward, giving your whole body the powerful benefits of the VDip Power Station. You’ll be ripped in no time if you incorporate this exercise into your daily routine.

pull ups

Resistance Training

The VDip Power Station is not only a fully functional workout bench with bars for dips and pull ups, the unit offers a full range of activities for resistance training. Hook resistance bands onto the the bottom of the unit for a standing resistance workout. Turn the unit over and you have a fully functional workout bench to use the resistance bands with. These bands are interchangeable as well, so people of all fitness levels will have an exercise to tackle.

resistance training

Something for Everyone

Some people might get scared away by the intensity of the dip workout. However, you don’t need to be a muscle machine to get good at dip exercises, since you are only fighting against your own weight. This makes the VDip Power Station accessible to lighter, less muscular users. In fact, out of all the VDip fitness models we used in our last video, the tiny mother of two was hands down the best dipper. The unit is all about training hard, staying motivated and being dedicated.

VDip Power Station – Join The Movement

Want to exercise like a fitness legend? Look no further – the V Dip Power Station is the unit for you. This incredible home fitness unit utilizes dip bars on a 90-degree angle.You won’t believe just how many exercises it has to offer. You can do several dip workouts, use tension bands, and even turn the unit over for a fully functioning workout bench.

The mobile unit is easily assembled and disassembled so you can bring it anywhere and it provides the ultimate full-body workout from the comfort of your home. Contact us today if you are ready to take control of your health, sculpt your body and join a movement of self improvement and power. Join the VDip Power Movement today!

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