Home Workout Equipment – Is It Really Worth the Investment?

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Fitness enthusiasts everywhere often struggle with the question of whether it’s better to work out in a public gym or at home. Often, the initial cost of purchasing home workout equipment can be daunting enough to make many opt for a gym membership instead. However, there are a few benefits to owning your own home workout equipment that public gyms simply cannot compete with.

Enjoy More Freedom

There’s no freedom, as far as exercise goes, quite like having your own home gym. You can wear what you want, blare the music that you like, grunt, scream, and yell as much as you wish. There’s no one around to bother, or to will bother you.

Even the largest public gyms can be crowded, and sometimes you’re forced interrupt the flow of your workout to wait for a certain machine or area to be available. With your own home workout equipment, this isn’t a problem. You can even drop the weights or use as much chalk as you want without worrying about backlash from annoyed gym members.

Many gyms also have restrictions on the exercises you’re allowed to perform, regardless of your level of experience. When you workout at home, you can perform any type of exercise you want without feeling policed.

Time Efficient

Having a home gym can save you a significant amount of time in your day. The average person commutes between 10-15 minutes to their public gym. Add to that commute the time it takes to change, time spent waiting for equipment to be available, and precious minutes wasted making meaningless small talk with your gym’s designated Chatty Patty. You can almost feel the pump drain from your muscles.

With your own equipment, an activity that used to take an hour and a half or more can be shortened. You can exercise free of distractions or disruptions in your flow. This allows you to truly focus on yourself and your body, which can make all the difference in the world. After all, focus is what turns a decent workout into an excellent one.

Lower Cost Over Time

Despite the initial cost of purchasing home workout equipment, it’s actually the less expensive option over time. The average fully-stocked home gym ranges somewhere between $1,200-2,000, depending on the amount and type of equipment. That may seem like a lot of money at first, but remember that it’s a one-time purchase.

By comparison, the average public gym membership typically requires a down payment somewhere between $50-250. On top of that, you will then pay a monthly membership fee. Depending on the gym, this monthly fee can range anywhere from $10-$100 or more per month. The average is $58 per month.

That means you could design a perfect home gym for yourself for the same amount of money it would take to maintain a monthly gym membership for only 2 years. However, once you purchase your home workout equipment, you’re done!

In addition, you’re only purchasing equipment that you will actually use. The reason why many gym memberships are so expensive is because you’re really paying for the maintenance of all the equipment and amenities, many of which you probably don’t even use.

Home Workout Equipment – the Right Investment

Over time, the perks of a home gym clearly overshadow the drawbacks of public gyms. If you’re dedicated to your fitness, you know that the quality of your workout is all that matters at the end of the day. When you have your own home workout equipment, you can exercise the way you want, when you want, and have a more fulfilling experience.

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