Dynamic Stretching – Preparing For Your Workout

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Anyone who exercises regularly should be familiar with stretching and its importance. However, dynamic stretching has recently become the preferred method of stretching by fitness professionals and experts. This type of stretch can benefit hardcore athletes and casual exercisers alike. So what exactly is dynamic stretching and what are the health benefits of doing dynamic stretches before a workout?

What is Dynamic Stretching?

First, we need to define dynamic stretching. As opposed to static stretching, dynamic stretching is done while moving. These stretches take a joint or certain muscle through a repetitive motion, moving that part of the body further with each motion. Dynamic stretching is for warming up the muscles before exercising. This helps prepare joints and muscles for better movement. Before stretching, you should warm up by taking a light jog or other light cardio activity. This increases blood flow and body temperature, enabling better stretching.

Activating Muscles

Dynamic stretches provide multiple benefits for your health and your workout. One of these is the activation of the muscles you plan on using during a workout.  For example, if you are about to use your legs, hips and glutes, lunges help you warm up. By preparing these muscles, they will function better and have a lower chance of getting injured during the workout. It also reduces the chances of soreness after your workout.

Increases Range of Motion

The goal of this type of stretching is to extend your muscles further and further with each movement. Doing so allows you to increase the range of motion with these muscles, which can increase their performance during a workout. Using the example of lunges again, your legs extend further afterward. With a greater range of motion in your legs, you can take larger strides, allowing you to run faster. Each type of dynamic stretch increases the range of motion for different joints and muscles, improving performance during many different workouts.

Improves Muscle Strength

When you have a greater range of motion during your workout, you exercise more efficiently. The wider range of motion allows more of your muscles to exert energy, in turn giving you more power and strength. Also, by activating your muscles before a workout, you wake up any underactive muscles that would otherwise remain inactive. This all results in a more efficient workout.

Body and Neuromuscular Awareness

Another benefit of dynamic stretches is how they improve your balance and coordination. This enhances the nervous system and helps improve motor functioning. These stretches also make you concentrate on the particular muscles you are using and the workout you are performing. This awareness allows you to exercise more efficiently.

Stretching Routine

There are many dynamic stretches you can perform for an overall better workout. One example is arm swings, where you stand with your back straight and swing your arms gently out to the side and cross them in front of your body, alternating which arm swings on top. Another dynamic stretch is walking toe touches. This is when you repeatedly kick a leg into the air, reaching to tap it with the opposite hand.

There are also lunges. These are when you start with your feet together and hands on your hips and then step one foot forward far enough so when you lunge downward, that thigh is parallel to the floor. Next, bring your feet together, as if you were taking one long step. You then do the same thing with the other leg. Keep in mind that there are many other ways to do this type of stretching.

V Dips After Dynamic Stretching

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