Reasons to Start Doing Dip Exercises Today

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Are you looking to kick your workout up a notch and develop real strength? When it comes to body weight training, dip exercises are an unsung hero. By adding dip exercises into your workout, you can sculpt your body with a killer workout. Let’s look at some reasons why you should start doing dips today. 

Even Muscle Development

While doing push-ups, you are mostly focusing on your chest. Exercises like handstands and overhead presses focus mostly on the shoulders. It is a common misconception that dip exercises focus mostly on the triceps. In reality, dips provide a comprehensive and even workout for the essential muscles in the upper body.

After a serious dip workout, you will feel it in your chest, back, shoulders, and triceps. This workout can tone your entire upper body through gravity and your body weight alone. A common worry in the exercise world is having an uneven muscle distribution. By incorporating dip exercises into your workout routine, you can leave this worry behind.     

Scapular Control

Dip exercises require you to control the position of your shoulders while you lower yourself downward. When doing an exercise which places your shoulders against a support pad or bench, you don’t get to practice controlling these muscles properly. Once you develop the skill of scapular control, your muscles will remain strong and pain-free after a long workout. Yet another reason why dip exercises are a great choice.

Safe and Easy to Load

If you want to bring your dip workout to the next level, you can always use weight vests, chains, or an old fashioned dip belt to increase your load. Adding extra weight to your body while doing push-ups can be clumsy and awkward, but it works seamlessly with dip exercises. You can wrap a weight around yourself without putting too much stress on the joints. It also is easy to stop the workout safely by simply standing back on the ground.


Dips are not the most common exercise out there. Most people who work out know what they are and how to do them, but few practice them often and even fewer have a mastery of the exercise. By taking the time to perfect your dip exercises, you gain all of the benefits of this great exercise while flexing your individuality. When you become a master of dips, you are sure to impress your workout buddies.

V-Shape Body

From sculptures of Greek gods to models on the cover of a fitness magazine, the V-Shape body is the accepted standard of physical power, beauty, and grace. Dip exercises simultaneously work your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back. This increases the size and cut of your entire upper body. By supplementing dip exercises with regular cardio and a healthy diet, you can sculpt your body into the perfect V in no time.

Stabilize Core and Back Muscles

When you are working against the weight of your body while doing dip exercises, you need to keep your form even and tight. This extends the exercise from your upper body to your core and lower back muscles. Strengthening these muscles essential to improving your overall athleticism.

Truly Unique Dip Exercises

There are so many amazing benefits to incorporating dip exercises into your routine, but you can go even further. The VDip Power Station takes normal dips amplifies their efficiency through its unique design. Inspired by fitness guru Vince Gironda, the VDip Power Station is an at-home workout unit that utilizes 90 degree, V-shape bars rather than your typical parallel bars for dip exercises. The VDip Power Station is truly the lion of at home workout stations. You can even turn the unit over on its back to lift weights, do crunches, and use tension bands. Join the movement, contact us today.

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