Are Dip Station Exercises Beneficial for Women?

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While the chest may be one of the most worked muscle groups for men, it can often be one of the most ignored by women. Many females favor exercising only arms, core, and lower body muscles. However, working the upper body is essential for balancing out overall body strength and physique, as well as avoiding injury, no matter what gender. Dip station exercises are some of the best for women to perform because they hit all the major upper body muscle groups in all the right ways.

Why Should Women Do Dip Station Exercises?

Women have a tendency to forgo chest and shoulder training entirely. Instead, they focus their training on the back, arms, core, and legs. This type of training creates a muscular imbalance in the body. Ultimately, this can lead to poor posture, a stringy or boney looking chest, and an inability to perform other exercises correctly. There’s even a risk of serious injury with this type of muscular imbalance. Ignoring certain muscle groups makes them weaker, which leads to muscles that can’t pull – or, in this case, push – their own weight.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that women should go all out with only isolation exercises like the bench press. Compound upper body movements that hit all the major groups at once, like dip station exercises, are typically best. They shape the physique proportionally while also ensuring that these important upper body muscles maintain the same level of strength as the rest of the body. Plus, compound movements like dips provide a major bonus in the calorie burn department. The more muscles you train at one time, the more calories you burn!

Finally, dip station exercises also address a major pain point for many women – the loose skin underneath arms. In addition to hitting the chest, dips also exercise the triceps, which is the large muscle at the back of the arm that controls elbow extension. The triceps makes up roughly ⅔ of the muscle mass in your arm. By training them regularly, you can blast away those bat wings and get sleeker, more defined arms.

What Dip Station Exercises Should Women Do?

Many women avoid dip station exercises because they’re worried about the effect it will have on their chest. Strength training chest exercises emphasize the pectoralis muscles, stimulating their growth. While this is ideal for men, women generally approach chest training much more hesitantly as pectoralis growth typically has a negative effect on breast tissue. However, there’s a difference between strength training and toning.

Women can perform chest exercises in a way that strengthens their pectoralis muscles without impacting breast tissue. When it comes to dip station exercises, performing them in a circuit with other exercises while keeping the repetition range high will tone the chest without stimulating intense growth. Typically, only intense strength training will yield significant changes in a woman’s breast tissue.

If you want to really isolate the triceps while performing dips, keep a narrow grip by moving your hands closer together. In a normal dip formation, the chest is the primary focus, with the triceps and shoulders being secondary. By moving the hands closer together, the emphasis is taken off the larger chest muscles. Instead, the triceps are forced to carry the majority of your bodyweight, giving them a more intense workout.

The Best Equipment for Dip Station Exercises

Some women may avoid performing dip station exercises because they’re unable to support their own bodyweight. With traditional dip stations, it can be hard to scale the exercise to fit all strength levels. Many women elect instead to perform bench dips. This is a variation on the traditional dip requires you to only lift about half of your bodyweight. However, few home gyms have the space for both pieces of equipment.

With the VDip Power Station, you don’t have to choose. With its innovative and space saving design, the VDip can easily convert from a standing dip station to a bench simply by turning it on its side. Whether you need the assistance of bench dips or you’re able to perform full bodyweight dips, the VDip has you covered. Plus, dips are just one of the many upper body and core exercises you can perform with it. The VDip Powerstation is simply an essential for any home gym. Pre-order yours now!

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