Dip Exercise Perfection – How to do a Proper Dip

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Did you know that your exercise routine is only as effective as your form? When you incorrectly perform an exercise, you could be exerting extra energy, gaining less muscle, and could even injure yourself. This is especially true when it comes to body weight exercises. Let’s go over the best way to perform a dip exercise. By perfecting your form, you can get the most out of your workout.

Start Slow, Be Careful

The first step of doing the perfect dip is making sure you understand how to stay safe. If you jump up impulsively and do a quick drop with no experience, you could tear a muscle or even fall. Start slow, make sure you have your balance and slowly build your confidence.Don’t just dive right in.

Grab the bars

Now, it’s time for you to grab the bars and start to hoist yourself up. Slowly extend your arms, look straight ahead, and keep your stomach muscles tight and contracted. With your abs tight, you can start to build up a strong ssix-pack Say goodbye to endless crunches!

Cross your Legs and Bend Your Knees

When you are completely extended, cross your legs and bend your knees so that your feet are behind you. Don’t forget to keep your head up and look straight. This helps you control your form.


Make sure that you keep your elbows at your side. Next, lower yourself until your triceps are perfectly parallel to the floor. Some people suggest extending your triceps past the parallel position, however this puts a strain on your shoulders and can cause discomfort or even injury. Staying parallel will keep your safer from injury, without sacrificing effectiveness.

When You’re Parallel

The moment you are in the parallel position, go back up ALMOST until you lock your elbows. Locking your elbows can wear down and damage your joints. Also, you keep the tension in your muscles so you are exerting the maximum force.

Don’t Swing

When doing a dip, you may be tempted to swing back and forth to give yourself extra momentum. However, this takes pressure off the muscles that you are trying to work on. Also, this greatly increases your chances of falling or injuring your muscles and joints.

Keep Your Elbows Tight

Some people tend to flare out their elbows while doing dip exercises. This means your elbows are further away for your body rather than keeping them as close as possible. Flaring out your elbows puts more pressure on your chest, while tight dips work out the shoulders and triceps more. These are the best targets for this exercise.

Go Slow

This is one of the most important steps of performing the perfect dips. When you try and rush through your dips, it is less safe and less effective. Muscles develop when you exert a steady stream of energy. By doing your dips very slowly, you feel the full power of a dip exercise.

Add Weight

If you follow the previous steps, you should have an A+ form for your dip exercise. To bring things to the next level, you can add weight. You can do this by wearing a weight belt with weight plates hanging off of it or by wearing a weighted backpack. Some people like to hold a dumbbell between their feet. Not only is this option more dangerous than the others but if you put on enough weight it may be difficult to keep a hold of the dumbells.

The Ultimate Dip Exercise

Now that you know how to properly do a dip, it’s time to find out the secret ingredient. By using a dip exercise unit that utilizes 90 degree, V-shaped bars rather than parallel bars, you will max out the intensity and power of the workout. The V DipPower Station is the very first light-weight, at-home exercise unit that has V-shaped bars. Inspired by fitness legend Vince Gironda, the VDip Power Station provides the ultimate dip workout. The revolutionary fitness unit also doubles as a workout bench where resistance bands can be attached, adding a myriad of workouts in one package. Join the V Dip Power Movement!


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