The Dip Exercise – Why You Need It in Your Routine

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The dip exercise is an excellent compound movement that hits multiple areas of your upper body. Bodyweight exercises are a great way to test your level of functional strength, and dips are one of the most effective. If pull-ups are the best all-inclusive exercise for your back and biceps, the dip exercise is the best for your chest and triceps, in addition to several other muscle groups.

Complete Muscle Engagement

Dips are a compound movement, which simply means you’re recruiting multiple muscle groups all at one time with one exercise. Compound exercises are great for losing weight. The more muscles you can work at one time, the more fat you burn. When you perform the dip exercise correctly, you’re challenging your chest, triceps, shoulders, and even a little bit of forearms and lower back. From the moment you begin supporting your weight, all of these muscles are fully engaged throughout the entire movement.

Enhances Stability

Performing the dip exercise regularly develops strength primarily in the chest and triceps. However, dips also enhance the strength and stability in your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. All of these joints areas are crucial to your daily function. Weak wrists are susceptible to injury, and poor shoulder strength can lead to back and posture issues.

The importance of bodyweight exercises go beyond the aesthetic aspect of fitness. Dips help cultivate your ability to control the weight of your own body. There’s been an extreme increase in the amount of people leading mostly sedentary and leisurely lifestyles. This means that many people lack the musculoskeletal strength to support their own body weight, leading to a rise in the amount of back, neck, and shoulder problems people face. By improving your level of functional fitness, you can regain control of your body and ultimately increase its longevity.

Easy to Modify

One of the best aspects of the dip exercise is that it’s extremely easy to modify. Those who are just starting out may be unable to support their entire body weight. If that’s the case, you can begin by using a bench rather than elevated bars. Using the bench to support your hands, you can rest your feet on the ground in front of you or prop them on a stack of books. Lower your hips towards the floor until your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, then push yourself back up. Doing the dip exercise this way helps remove a good portion of your body weight, making it easier.

If your body weight isn’t challenging enough, you can always increase it by wearing a weighted vest, attaching weight with a dip belt, or by squeezing a dumbbell between your feet. Additionally, you can also increase the tension on your muscles simply by moving slower, or by performing more repetitions!

You can also experiment with your grip. Simply by moving your hands closer together or farther apart, you change the angle of your descent. This, in turn, changes which muscles are primarily responsible for supporting your weight. A close-grip dip will challenge your triceps, while a wide-grip will put more focus on your chest.

The Best Way to Perform the Dip Exercise

Dips are an essential aspect of functional fitness. Being able to bench press all the weight in the world doesn’t mean much if you’re unable to do a few bodyweight dips. The dip exercise is a complete test of your level of functional strength. It hits almost all of your major upper-body muscle groups, and should not be neglected in your workout routines.

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