Why Are Bodyweight Exercises So Effective?

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There’s a stigma in the fitness industry that you need a lot of fancy equipment or racks and racks of weights in order to gain muscle. While some may prefer a modern gym with all of its typical accompaniments, the notion that free weights and plate-loaded barbells are necessary in order to get in shape is simply untrue. Bodyweight exercises are incredibly effective in building muscle, toning the body, and cutting fat. Anyone who believes otherwise has clearly never seen an Olympic gymnast. Some might even argue that bodyweight exercises can deliver even better results than free weights! Just what is it that makes them so effective in helping people reach their fitness goals?

Movement is More Natural

Bodyweight exercises such as dips, pull-ups, leg raises, etc., allow for a more natural range of motion with less high-pressure impact on the joints. The pushing and pulling motions of a lot of bodyweight exercises more effectively mimic those needed in daily life. Mastering these exercises allows a person to be fully in control of their own body. Endless bicep curls may eventually succeed in making your biceps a little bigger, but they certainly won’t help you climb over a rock while hiking or nail that new yoga pose.

Bodyweight exercises help increase your functional strength while also sculpting your muscle and burning fat. In addition, doing these exercises correctly, with proper form, will also help build more flexibility. As we age, our joints and muscles naturally grow stiffer. Maintaining a high level of flexibility helps prevent injury and ensures we stay active and mobile longer.

Engages the Core

Performing bodyweight exercises correctly requires constant tension in the core muscles in our abdomen and lower back. These are the muscles responsible for keeping the body stable, like the trunk of a tree. The wind may blow in any direction at any speed and it falls to the strength of the trunk to ensure the whole tree stays upright. Strong core muscles are better able to support the body’s posture and overall structure. A weak core leads to back, neck, and shoulder problems, headaches, and even avoidable injuries due to accidental slips or jerking movements.

In order to master basic bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, inverted rows, dips, and more, you need to keep tension in your core muscles. This tension is needed in order to control the body’s movement because there’s nothing else supporting it. Conversely, core strength is easy to neglect in typical resistance exercises like bench presses and lateral pulldowns, because the equipment is supporting the body. By performing bodyweight workouts where it’s constantly engaged, the core develops significant strength.

Challenging for Any Fitness Level

Whether you’re working out for the first time or you’ve spent decades in the gym, bodyweight exercises will always be challenging. They’re incredibly scalable to an individual fitness level. Novices can do variations where they’re only lifting a percentage of their bodyweight. For example, if full bodyweight dips are too challenging for a beginner, they can perform a bench dip. By keeping their feet on the ground, their only moving approximately half of their body weight. Meanwhile, if bodyweight dips are too simple for an experienced fitness enthusiast, they can try performing them with a narrower or wider grip. They can also try them while wearing a weighted vest or chain.

There are variations and progressions for nearly all standard bodyweight exercises. Mastering all the progressions takes serious discipline, control, stability, and strength. This is part of what makes bodyweight exercises so effective in developing strength, cutting fat, and toning muscles.

Revolutionize Your Bodyweight Exercises

Done properly and with discipline, bodyweight exercises are incredibly effective in building muscle, increasing flexibility, and improving functional fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s always a way to challenge your body and what you believe it’s capable of. Bodyweight exercises are also perfect for those who want to work out at home. They can be done nearly anywhere! They don’t need much square footage and often don’t require the same bulky and inefficient equipment that typical resistance exercises need.

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