The V-Dip Powerstation is the Lion of all V-Dips

Our knowledge of the industries we serve is the core of ABDON’S VDIP LLC. Our success spans decades of personal experience which provide us with an in-depth perspective of the unique issues specific to the fitness Industry we serve.

We provide our clients with the very best personal fitness. Each of the specialty fitness programs we offer has been carefully researched to best ensure that ABDON’S VDIP LLC is a consistent resource for fitness training. We treat our customers as individuals which allow us to customize your training an fitness goals.

The V-Dip PowerStation is Patented by ABDON’S VDIP LLC.

dips on pull up bar


We are so excited to have officially launched our Indiegogo campaign! We have made it so far and have developed one of the BEST at-home fitness units, but we need your help to bring this product to market. By supporting the VDip Power Movement, you will not only be making a dream a reality, but will also be helping to revolutionize the potential of home fitness equipment.



Abdon Placide, the inventor of the VDip Power Station, had the opportunity to sit down with Krista Smolda, the host of ‘Mid-Day’ on RVN TV. During the interview, Abdon reveals his motivation for creating the VDip Power Station and how he was able to turn his dream into a reality. There are several demonstrations of exercises that the unit is capable of as well as information on its price and release date. Check it out to learn what the VDip Power Movement is all about!

How it Works

Something for Everyone

  • Being a mom of three, finding time to workout isn't easy. VDIPS helped me get back on track with my fitness goals.

    Anne Logan
    Anne Logan Fit mom
  • VDIPS has been all I need to help me train. It strengthens every muscle in my body and the upper body workout is amazing.

    Brody Fitzpatrick
    Brody Fitzpatrick Boxer
  • VDIPs is the perfect quick workout I need after a long day at the office.

    John Underwood
    John Underwood CEO
  • The VDIP is by far my favorite workout machine. I can get everything I need from one piece of equipment - easy, fast and convenient.

    Owen Fields
    Owen Fields Basketball Player
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